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playful hikage

Naruto, Bleach, Eyeshield, etc...given all the choices for all the on going anime's now i still love One Piece best, after Hunter X Hunter of course!

Don't get the wrong thought because i've been an anime lover as far as i can remember and thank god my parents don't nag me about it, anyway i just finished watching the latest season of it and it touched and amaze me to see how far Luffy's adventure has get. I've been watching One Piece since the very first time it was aired in Philippines, that was 2006 or 7 i think, though the airing has stopped i've still continued watching it from the internet and dvds...really, it's the best adventure anime i've watch since HunterXHunter. Well my point is that i really love how the anime evolves around the importance of friendship and making ones, as well facing new challenges along with the adventures that comes with it. I really love how everyone blend in and acknowledge one another and how they keep their bonds stronger and how all they are united because of Luffy. I guess Luffy is the most glutton and idiotic captain one can have as a pirate but he as well is the greatest captain you can ever have not to mention his very funny also to some point that it makes me laugh in the middle of the night while sneakily watching it, hehe, how i wish to be a pirate myself and become his crew, nah~haha...lol.

Though i like Naruto and Bleach too, i guess One Piece is the best for me...hate to say this, especially to Naruto fans but i get bored of it sometimes because the story's focus sometimes sways and that nags me to irritation. Well, i guess everyone has their own perspectives. No offense. Hehehe...^__^

26th-Jul-2009 10:32 pm - Lost in thoughts.
playful hikage

"If it meant that not having you now or in future is what awaits me, then i rather sent you off to the one you love and disappear before you  and have this feelings of love of you, then i guess i'll be much more happy to disappear with it having you in my heart forever one last time."

Haha, i just made that line up, it's somehow what my interpretation to one character in the manga of how he feels. I’m mumbling all to myself again here and set my thoughts wandering because of that manga I just read, but I feel really sorry to that one character there, i kinda know how he feels i just wonder why, having to choose himself to sacrifice and disappear and see one last time the girl she loves before sending her to the one she really loves, without receiving anything in return and vanish forever.

Really, I feel kinda sad tonight…

26th-Jul-2009 01:39 pm - one of the best manga I've ever read.
playful hikage

Still, my heart is thumping from what i had just finished reading, kya!

I just started reading manga this year so i don't really know if their would be more best than the manga i've just finished reading.

Lately i've been reading manga during this short break of mine and i've also finished this one manga series. REALLY, i say that this manga is one of the best shouju manga i've ever read, oh, the title is "High School Debut".

I still got my heart thumping from being touch at the last pages of the series, how Haruna (manga's female protagonist) is being described by her boyfriend's classmates as his dearest and beloved girlfriend who has changed his entire life, really, i still got my thoughts fixated on it, how beautiful their relationship is. I really appreciate the manga because it's what i envision an ideal girl-boy relationship is and not the type where the must of touchy-pervy-physical contact is what matters most in the relationship and i really adore Haruna of how thoughful and crazy she is and also Yoh, i pretty much like how he is embarrassed and shy and all especially being overly protective of Haruna, really where do i can find that kind of guy in reality. Really i had my salute to the author and artist who made this manga. Really, i give my thumbs up to you Kawahara Kazune.

Haruna and Yoh, my ideal boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, kyah!~

I'm looking for  more manga with the same kind concept as this one, hope to see one soon but if you guys have any recommendation i'm open for one. I recommend you read this one if you still haven't.
7th-Jul-2009 12:52 pm - Patrick's Origin
playful hikage

Hahaha...this picture was actually posted by a friend of mine in her multiply account.
I just reposted it...anyway, this is just too hilarious so i though of sharing it to everyone.

I wonder what Majimboo thinks about it...lol XD!

2nd-Jul-2009 07:29 pm - BIGBANG - ガラガラ GO!!
playful hikage


BIGBANG's new single HOT!! has released it's new single, Gara Gara GO!Haha, i'm a avid fan of BIGBANG so i won't miss keeping up with the updates about them. Anyway the video has it's techno + hiphop mix into it, if you have already seen Lollipop, you might have get same notion about it because of its background effect but all in all the this MV itself has its style. This is BIGBANG's 2nd new single after branching out to Japan so you will might obviously might notice that they're singing in mostly in japanese but as for T.O.P. & GD they're part are mostly in english. TOP is so hot here, but i find Seung Ri also giving his bloom on here, his is so cute and all...haha...watch & enjoy!
29th-Jun-2009 11:38 pm - Trying to be positive!
playful hikage
I feel a bit better now.

Just when i thought of drowning further more to my frustration i got my friends unconsciously pull me out of it. Geez, after all the drama and emotional depression that i engulf my self with, i end up laughing it all out this afternoon. Just when i thought that my face had become numb from a poker face, i got all my facial nerve working all at the same time. I never new that a long good laugh with my friends would relieve my my grief and they unconsciously did that! In the end, i end up being hyper all day long, trying to laugh everything that i was so engrossed and reliving all over again just because of one problem..

DUH!!!!!!!!Was i all over reacting all this time?
Well, i was so...


I realize one thing today, everything really has it's up and downs and it took me just a joke to laugh by my friends to remind me that.

Really, though they don't obviously know my inner problem & thoughts *because i try to hide it & act normal as much as possible*, i want to secretly thank them from the buttom of my heart from making me realize that one thing & keep my self on the positive side of life. Thank you guys!
29th-Jun-2009 08:37 am - GEE- Super Junior version
playful hikage

Gee version of Super Junior - - Super Juniors

Lately i've been hooked with the Super Juniors, and one of my classmate recommended to me this song, will it was originally a female group song but i didn't like that much the original,on the contrary hearing this new version of Super Juniors is more to my liking, somehow the song is transformed to a blue & jazz genre and it's more better because cute guys are singing it...haha..anyway, i really like this new version of Gee and end up downloading it and converting to mp3 and then i upload it at my imeem acount...if your a SUJU fan, you might want to check it out and you can also watch the video version at youtube...well, Kang In & Kyun Hyun looks hot their, hehe...well just watch it okay...^_^
28th-Jun-2009 09:57 pm - Falling to Frustration...
playful hikage

I never thought that this is how it feels to be so powerless after doing everything you can. It feels like that even hard work is something that’s beyond someone’s reach. The feeling of being numb from the frustrations and depressions you just encountered many times over made me somewhat senseless but with that also comes the feeling of ambivalence, I know that I tried very hard and done my part, been positive yet with the outcomes I received it feels me more frustrated that I’m just helpless and my efforts were all futile attempts to what I thought of them to be the best I had given. I feel like I can’t feel my facial expressions now, there’s now no good sensation I feel from smiling and laughing just to make others think that I’m still okay because they will eventually drop to a poker face that give me thoughts that makes me more numb.

I feel like laughing because being like these, frustrated and depressed, makes me somewhat a poet, writing thoughts of frustrations and depressions.

Right now, in this stage of my life, I realize that am literally stupid and that am really a fool; for expecting that everything is possible, hard works pays its end, and being positive with everything.

Really, I’m at my limit now, standing on the edge of everything I’m encountering but I’ll just try to hold on and keep on trying for a little while, hoping that I could still make a small difference from everything.

26th-Jun-2009 06:58 pm - Missing in the Party...
playful hikage
I guess i've been gone a bit longer than i thought i was.
So how's everyone doing?I kinda miss everyone, especially those who always reply at my entries.

So far, i don't think am still doing good with my studies, our concept was kinda more brutal than the first but i'm trying my best to keep up with it, and i even stay up until morning just to study that's why i feel so hagard this days. Geez, i feel like so stupid but i couldn't just stay being frustrated like this. But still, i'm losing hope........

Hey, don't get the wrong idea that i'm being suicidal here,
am in my positive state of mind, i'm just letting my frustrations out...

My college, tonight will have an acquintance party but i decided not to attend.
I feel like having fun is the least i can do now, i still have my studies to mind about than party.
Seems to be i'm all gloomy...well, i guess i'll just have to stay at home and have peaceful rest day,i need to clear my mind now and relieve myself from depression but i'm not regreting missing at the party, it's just that i think being relax at home is the best thing for me now.

So, good day everyone!
playful hikage
Just got home from school.

Damn! I hate school! First meeting of the semester and it's already a pop quiz! AHH!!!! I definitely failed that one, imagine in test 1, out of 5 questions i only have been able to answer 1 of it, then on test 2 out of 8 questions i only got 3 sure answers, test 3 is okay because it's an essay so a little flowery words would do it but SHIT! Test 4 was the worst, i only left my paper blank! AHHH!!! I hate it!

Geez. This semester is literally gonna be hell in no time. Just when my professor said that everyday is unlimited quiz day, i know i had no doubt that it WILL be! So much i want to slack off and lurk here, read mangas and sleep, i guess i must be serious for this time, it's my decidng point in my college life and it would be a waste if i flank this semester besides my parents will definitely KILL ME ON THE SPOT if i ever fail this sem...sigh, i, myself don't want to fail it so i want to tell everyone  in advance that i might be gone for a while here but i promise to visit once or twice a week and post some entries if i can.

Sigh. Goodbye carefree-Teenage life! 

Adulthood is really a stuggling stage in life. Sob. sob.sob.
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