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playful hikage
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my first flight in the sky... 
4th-Nov-2010 11:45 pm
playful hikage
a snapshot from my window...
Haha...I hate to admit it but in my 20 years of being alive, this was my first time riding an airplane. Everyone in my family had already experience it more than I did since i was always the one who is left at home to stay and watch the house or if not, i'm busy with my classes and duty...and finally...at last...it's my turn now...yahoo!~

I was really excited about it...I was thinking of many things like if i'm the type of getting sick up-in-the-air but i didn't know that before because this was my first time of knowing it if i really was but thank God, i'm not...i even requested my Mom if she would let sit near by the window so i could sea the view outside, it was indeed a great feeling, and i was thanking pictures non-stop too, the view was really great! Oh how i love the looks of the clouds, it feels like i was in heaven seeing them so close to me and the sunset was undeniably beautiful...when we arrive at Manila, it was already evening...I really love how the city lights looks like up in the sky while we were landing at NAIA-Domestic Airport.

After we left the plane, i began anticipating when will our next plane ride be again because I definitely want to ride it! :) 
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