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playful hikage
★AINIESAM27★ | & her wandering thoughts
my own conflict. 
16th-Jan-2010 12:26 am
playful hikage
It's an easy excuse if I only say that i was just confuse but at this point it's more frustrating to admit that i really didn't knew anything.

At first, my intentions were all a mere excuse just to escape what they intend me to do but from that time, i thought i was confident enough to rather do what i want, though i still didn't really know what was it but because i was firm upon deciding that i will be the one to choose what i want which in the end, i think, only lead me to the worse decision i had made. 

I've realized many things and as well learned my lessons, but the more i realize that i was the one at wrong, the more i realize that i was just an average person...the confidence that i had before that help me deal everything heads on had now been burried under my many excuses just to be on the safe side. I feel so common rather than unique...which i kinda hate but still i had to accept.
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