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playful hikage
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Kitchen Princess: Thumbs UP! 
24th-Sep-2009 08:32 am
playful hikage

I just finished reading it. At first i didn't want to read it because i read its summary long ago and i was kinda dissapointed by how one of the character died and i hate that kind of tragedy because the sadness of that tragedy lingers to me for days and i hate that kind of feeling but since i got many people recommending me to read i finally pushed my self to do so nd as expected it never failed me but still i feel bad about Sora dying, he was a great character in the story.

I really think and do say that this manga is one of the best that i've ever read, not only you'll be hooked with the different twist of the story and also how all of the characters are being connected to one another. But i guess the one big impact i got from here is the charater of Sora, how he is being the one of the few people that support Najika(our protagonist), at first i thought of him as a scheming bastard behind the looks and he really was but eventually finds himself looking & caring for Najika the most. I always knew that in every manga or anime, the first person that the main character meets is the one she/he will end up with and i think that should have been Sora, because if you have read the Extra chapter you will know that before Najika has entered the school they had already meet up only that Sora was in disguse since he was observing her but it's not like i'm really denying that Najika really met Daichi when the' were children. I felt really touched and sad by how Sora died, and how he said (in the Extra Chapter) that maybe even before Najika had known him, he had already fall in love with the girl she was following, and after he died how he was wishing her to be happy again. I don't blame him for telling a lie that he told Najika that he was her Flan Prince since he got two main reasons for doing so, first is that he doesn't want Daichi to remember the tragedy of her mother ding because of him and also he himself love Najika that he'd want her to his, i know it's selfish of him to do so but even though the feelings as obvious he wasn't able to confess his feeling for her but rather told her the truth as his last words before dying. I feel like crying now that i think of it now. *sob*sob*sob*

Sigh. I feel like i'm focusing the manga on one character only (sorry) but anyway this manga is really GREAT, i give it TWO THUMBS UP! Hahaha, somehow i feel like mourning, sigh, that's why i hate reading manga or watching anime with a tragedy on it, especially if the charater is a good one cause it will lingers on me for a long time but hey, i guess that only proves how great the story is, it's the greatest work i've ever read of Kobayashi Miyuki & Andou Natsume.
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24th-Sep-2009 01:11 am (UTC)

I was kinda regretting why i didn't read it long ago, but i least i finished it now.

It's a great manga!
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